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Astroworld Merch

Astroworld Merch: The Complete History

Astroworld Merch: The Complete History

Call him “La Flame”, “Cactus Jack”, Jacques Berman Webster II (yes, that’s his real name) or Travis Scott, the rapper’s influence on—not just music—but the rapidly expanding industry of “merch” is unmistakable. While Scott has only been in the mix since 2012, notably with his appearance on G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer, his outsized influence in pop culture today gives the impression he’s been at the forefront of the industry for far longer. With three full-length studio albums (as well as a collab album with Quavo), Scott has become a staple in the worlds of pop and hip-hop.

Even with the musical milestones in mind, Scott has cemented and rounded-out his celebrity thanks in part to his eye for creating eye-catching merchandise infused with his Houston-inflected, hip-hop-meets-country-vibe. It’s a style that’s managed to cross over with Scott regardless of who he’s working with, spanning collaborations from #BEENTRILL# to BAPE. Eventually his aesthetic would evolve into the style we know today, intersecting with his 2018 album release, Astroworld. You might know his music, but take a look at how Travis Scott metaphorically stage-dove from the studio and into the pantheon of modern streetwear.



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When Travis Scott's third album ASTROWORLD debuted in 2018, critics went crazy. As did fans. What came next was the rap superstar's blockbuster tour and the accompanying hoodies, t-shirts, jackets and other merch created to celebrate all things ASTROWORLD. With another ultra-limited capsule released only at Dover Street Market, Travis Scott joins a class of musicians elevating their tour merch into full-fledged brands.

You would be hard-pressed to find a rapper with a more loyal fan base than Travis Scott these days. The numerous examples of adrenaline-fueled stage diving and moshing seen in his recently-released Netflix documentary Look Mom I Can Fly, which follows him throughout his monumental 2018-2019 run, prove just how much the Houston native’s following values him.  

Scott returns the love rather generously, too. Over the years, he has provided fans with a ton of merch that ranges from ordinary items like T-shirts to much more unique offerings like cereal bowls and spoons. As far as back as the Never Sober tour in 2014, Scott was producing limited edition merch. Other early supporters of the Mo City artist might point to his very of-the-moment collaboration with Been Trill as one of the more memorable items, while some might hold his Anti tour merch when he opened up for Rihanna in 2016 in high regard. 

Regardless of how long you have been a fan or what other merch you might have copped, there is no denying that the run of merch centered around the album release, world tour, and festival run for ASTROWORLD has been the most robust and coveted to date. Scott certainly isn’t the first artist to get people buzzing over his merch. The recent wave of vintage rock band tees and Kanye West’s Yeezus and Life of Pablocollections are other notable instances. But Scott has certainly been able to keep demand high for his pieces. 

Fresh off of the release of some new T-shirts and hoodies marking the premier of Look Mom I Can Fly on Netflix, we decided to rank our 10 favorite pieces of ASTROWORLD-era Travis Scott merch (so far). And before anyone asks, the capsule of apparel he released with Jordan Brand alongside his valuable Air Jordan 1 earlier this year is off limits. Take a look at our selections below. 

10. Reese's Puffs

​​​​​Average Sale Price: N/A

There is a short list of celebrities who are able to say they’ve been plastered on a cereal box. Travis Scott is one of them. Probably the most obscure release to date, Scott released an extremely limited amount of Reese’s Puffs cereal boxes donning special artwork. A merch capsule exclusively released in France alongside the popular breakfast option. And a similar design randomly popped up at select Walmart and Publix locations in late August 2019, but the original cereal box is the clear favorite from the out of left field partnership. 

9. Yellow Tour Hoodie

​​​​​​Average Sale Price: $132

There isn’t much to this hoodie that was available at various stops during the ASTROWORLD: Wish You Were Here tour, but a bright yellow hoodie is a nice change of pace from the usual black and white merch options offered up by musicians these days. It would have been amazing if the one-of-one yellow hoodie worn by Scott at the 2018 VMAs got a wider release for the public, but this will have to do. 

8. Virgil Abloh 'By a Thread' T-Shirt

​​​​​​​​​Average Sale Price: $120

It feels like Virgil Abloh has collaborated with everybody at this point. He even has his own ASTROWORLD merch. The man behind Off-White created the “By a Thread” pocket T-shirt to help the 28-year old celebrate his third studio album. Abloh affiliation aside, fans will appreciate the details like the Travis Scott Rodeo action figure, a holy grail of sorts for Scott loyalists, hanging from the front pocket, and “Cactus Jack” Travis Scott x Air Jordan IV collaboration clearly visible on the toy’s feet. 

7. 'Look Mom I Can Fly' T-Shirts

​​​​​​​​​Average Sale Price: ​​​​​​​N/A

The latest merch release from Travis and his team is also some of the best. Scott dropped off some celebratory designs for his recently-released Netflix documentary Look Mom I Can Fly. T-shirts and hoodies were up for grabs, but the coolest part was that fans could customize their order with various logos, colors, special illustrations, and even upload their own personal images to be printed on the back of the design. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize the latter was an option until after I already purchased my T-shirt, but the feature does provide some pretty cool possibilities to make something nobody else will be wearing in the mosh pit. 

6. Travis Scott x New Era 59Fifty Fitted Hat 'Houston Astros/Brown'

​​​​​​​​​​​Average Sale Price: $121

Travis Scott loves Houston. ASTROWORLD is literally an ode to his favorite childhood amusement park in the Texas city. He also is a huge sports fan who is frequently seen courtside at the Toyota Center going absolutely insane while watching the Rockets play. So, it shouldn’t come as much of a shock that he dropped a New Era collab remixing the Houston Astros’ on-field fitted cap. The design came in three colors, but the obvious choice is the one in Scott’s signature color, brown. La Flame even got to toss out the first pitch at a ‘Stros game to celebrate the hat’s limited release.

5. Rainbow Tie Dye T-Shirt

​​​​​Average Sale Price: $93

This rainbow tie-dye number perfectly embodies the frenetic and infectious energy of Scott’s music and stage presence. If the multi-colored tie-dye wasn’t enough, there are skeletons, fire, rollercoasters, and a large smiley face emblazoned on the back of the T-shirt. Something this bold might not be for everyone, but it is a great design nonetheless.

4. 'Put on a Happy Face' T-Shirt

​​​​​Average Sale Price: $119

When ASTROWORLD first released, Scott treated his fans to an insane amount of new merch that arrived in waves across a multi-day span. This “Put on a Happy Face” design highlighted by a large smiley face Earth on the front and a crudely sketched yin yang symbol on the back was one of the more desirable pieces. He frequently rocked the white version on stage at festivals, and Kylie Jenner even showed love to her man when she posted a photo of herself in the black colorway on Instagram.

3. Half Tie Dye T-Shirt (Europe)

​​​​​Average Sale Price: N/A

It felt like Travis Scott literally performed everywhere over the course of the past year. One thing Scott did, perhaps taking a page from mentor Kanye West’s playbook, is create exclusive items only available at specific locations. One of the best examples is this European exclusive design. It featured a black base with the left side of the T-shirt covered in rainbow tie-dye. The large back graphic of a dragonfly and flowers was a nice bonus.

2. 'Wish You Were Here' Hoodie

​​​​​Average Sale Price: $239

One of the more simplistic pieces of Travis Scott merch is also one of the best to date. This black hoodie, which started a week long release of daily drops to celebrate the arrival of ASTROWORLD back in August 2018, is an essential for any La Flame fan. The multi-colored "ASTROWORLD" script is embroidered across the front, a very appreciated detail. The theme park-inspired phrase “Wish You Were Here” is screen printed across the entire back in bold white lettering as well. 

1. 'I Love NY' Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Average Sale Price: $125

Travis Scott has performed at the Grammys, during the Super Bowl Halftime show, and headlined countless festivals around the world since ASTROWORLD dropped last year, but true fans might argue that his biggest shows were the two at Madison Square Garden for his Wish You Were Here tour back in November. His one-of-a-kind live show experience sold out arguably the most iconic arena on the planet (twice). It only makes sense that the exclusive merch produced for the two shows is also the best of the Astroworld era–a take on the classic “I Love NY” graphic T-shirt complete with cacti, skeletons, and flames.

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